Two pictures of the house where Lawrence and Frieda stayed in December 1919, guests of Orazio Cervi. When I first located Orazio’s villa back in the seventies, it was an overgrown, uninhabited farm. building. Yet through the decades of war and abandon, it had remained unaltered, original both inside and out, almost exactly as Lawrence described it, as if wrapped in some mediumistic spell.

Views of the village of Picinisco, and its surroundings. The uncontaminated primordial voice of these remote mountains, like the unearthly paean of its ancient bagpipes, found an attentive ear in Lawrence, someone who could listen, understand and convey its message.





This bronze — A Sower, by William Hamo Thornycroft, cast in 1886 — is now the centrepiece of the Grass Garden in Kew Gardens. The model was Orazio Cervi.